Garnier Deodorant Mineralite

I do not usually rave about deodorant but I have to rave about this!

I popped into Boots for my weekly splurge of beauty!

The boots I went to was absolutely tiny (not good for my brain but good for my pursington!).

I ran to the clearance stall and saw the newest Garnier Mineralite deodorant for 50p. i grabbed two. I thought three might be pushing it! 

The two i grabbed were silky smooth and sensitive. I love them! They have lasted for 48 hours just as it said on the label!

Love it! Other deos I have tried haven’t been nearly as good as this one!


LittleMissCutiePie xoxoxo


Love this!

I just wanted to thank you YEAH YOU! For reading my blog! it means soooo much to me. seriously….. I know it what everyone says but I really do put a lot of effort into making my blog posts the best they can be xxx


Makeup has never been my strong point. I try to do it once, feel amazing and then can’t be asked to do it again.

It just seems like such a chore. I have no time at all for homework and other things so sooner or later I just forget about it all together. my skin looks alright even without foundation. mascara? Do I really need it? Eyeliner I would rather not look like a panda! Plus it takes ages!

Blusher? Oh i don’t know I have to STOP rambling. Maybe its just not my time yet!

But then again (when I realise what I am  accs supposed to be writing about) I have discovered MUA products in Superdrug!

Cheap, cheerful and pigmented with good quality and nice prices! Weeeeellll, what  is not to like, eh?eh?

So yeah go MUA!

I am currently using the lipgloss and elt marker (both one pound!)


Comment on what your fave MUA product is?

Sooner or later…

Sooner or later…

I knew that I would eventually start dressing like an actual teenager. And I would have to drop baby pink collars for a while.

Come in crop tees and high-waisted jeans, crop tops, slogan t-shirts, high-waisted cool trainers, studs, leather jackets and of course the trademark beanie hat!

well lets just say… I have just done it. I have jumped on the bandwagon once and for all! Don’t worry my cutesie pie style will come back soon too! PINKY PROMISE!XXXXX